I have so many things that I'm wondering

1. how on earth do the wireless things work ? @_@

2. if other people can play guitar after they have their shower because I can't play with my finger tips soften by the water

3. what other people do when they already lying in bed but can't sleep

4. why Bruno Mars would catch a grenade,throw his hand on a blade and jump in front of a train for that girl? shouldn't he save his life so that he can take a good care of her ??

5. if those girls with wavy hair do their hair or are they natural

6. why so many people here own either iPhone or BB..

7. how on earth people can discipline themselves to study and do the assignment but I can't T_T

8. what's its like to be in other's shoes

9. why am I being so nervous in front of my own classmates, people that I've known for years

10. how some people can learn sooooooooo many languages and even speak sooooooo fluent

11. is it true that married couple usually look alike ?

12. why human hair falls in autumn and winter too ? (apart from leaves)

13. where did I spend my money, they are all gone by now T_T

14. if internet doesn't exist

15. if dogs like me because they always come near me

16. why there is such word like 'colorless' when there's nothing that we can see is colorless

17. how words that describing something which can't be seen are created ? ( I can't even explain this point.huhu)

18. if we can read others' mind

endless list. to be continue~

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