A reply to Wana's loveletter :)

She's a year younger. been knowing her since she was 13. a cute little girl. her sense of humor caught me in the first place. she's so bright that I could not resist to know her. I remember we first met in her dorm. I don't watch Bollywood film much. but I adore a handsome hero name Arjun Rampal. out of nowhere she seems to adore him too. our first conversation was merely about Arjun, if I'm not mistaken. funny though. since then we become closer. there was time when everybody had been fussing of having 'pet sister'. but I didn't. I've never asked her to be my 'pet sister'. I'm not sure if she disappointed of this. but I consider her more like a friend. a best friend. to whom I can lean to whenever I have problem with my other friends. someone who I can trust for keeping secrets. a girl who has been so kind and sincere to me.

and it's been 4 years since we last met. we just not yet being in the same place at the same time. I long for that day. this July perhaps?

To Anis Safwanah Azizan, thank you for your special entry. I miss you. Thank you for lending me your eyes and ears and heart and mind, just to listen to my wail and whimper, then make me smile again.

ain't we cute? ;)


pyaare2 said...

akak! sweet sangat post ni. tq sgt! xp, kwn baik lagi bgus kan? lagi pun zaman adik kakak angkat dah berakhir.. hehe... sayang akak! :)

p/s : rasanya btul kot our 1st conversation pasal arjun.. hehe... :)

xieradidie said...

yeahhh....totally both of you super duper cute :)

nooratikah said...

yeah! yeah! both are cutey...
so sweet lah korang ni... =)

the Suze said...

wana: mungkin kita patut meet and greet Arjun Rampal sebab kerana dia, kita kenal kan.hehe

the Suze said...

xiera: thank you..xiera cute jugak :))

titaa: sweet like sugar kan? hee~